A Smattering of Stuff: TextRoom v VLC, Synaptic troubles, The Ow My Printer Saga

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I haven't been in here in a while. Just wanted people to know I'm still Linuxing more-or-less happily, and that there's a teeny update to the VLC vs TextRoom saga.

In KDE4, TextRoom and VLC seem to be able to cohabitate peacefully. The typewriter sounds in TextRoom are non-functional, but that's fine with me because I've determined that I don't really need them. In my Xubuntu Intrepid Wubi install, it's a no-go.

Oh, speaking of my Xubuntu Intrepid install, it may have to get reinstalled. Seems I performed a Stupid User Trick in October and tried to install the kubuntu-desktop package without enough hard drive space. Er, heheh. So now Synaptic won't run. I consulted with the Ubuntu Forums people and their advice was: run clean and autoclean and if that doesn't solve your problem, nuke it and start again. Le sigh. The system still runs just fine. It's just that I can't install any packages or do any updates. When I reach that point where I need it updated, I'll have to make a decision on what to do with the machine. Go Ubuntu only? Can I work out my troubles with XSane before then? And my Windows machine printer is under the weather, so what if I need to print from a Windows system, like my primary desktop? For the moment I spend more time in Linux than in Windows and it's not a big deal to print my documents from the Linux even if I composed them in Windows. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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