Partitioning. Ergh.

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Due to last night's aborted regular Xubuntu install, Parnaparnti now has a Linux partitioning scheme on the HD space not occupied by Windows. I tried to delete those partitions to get back to the unallocated state, but Gparted in Puppy wouldn't let me. I'm sure I don't know all the ins and outs of Gparted yet.

So in went the alternate Xubuntu Jaunty CD and I forged ahead and let it re-size my existing Linux partition (sda5) to put this Xubuntu command line install there. It created two new partitions, one of which is root, which I suppose is fine. But it created another swap partition at #8, and there's already a swap for an ext3 system at #6. The size it gave me for usable space is about 3Gb smaller than what I anticipated. For the moment I'm letting the installer have at it and I'll see what a mess it's made when it's finished. Hopefully I'll be able to use both the 4.7Gb partition and this smaller one together to get the 7-ish GB I know should be available on the disk.

I've realised how to go ahead and delete the unwanted partitions. Duh. I wiped out all the ones created by both the current and previous install attempts and am allowing Xubuntu to create a single new partition for my filesystem, plus a swap partition. Ain't this excitin'?

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