VLC and TextRoom == Itchy and Scratchy

Posted on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 | | In , , , ,

Brief note as I'm about to head out the door: I noticed today that TextRoom crashes on opening if VLC media player is running when it's opened. I tried loading TextRoom first, then running VLC, and TextRoom stayed! Then, however, there was no sound from VLC when I played music with it. At this moment I can't reproduce the error I got when I first ran TextRoom from Terminal, but just now, with VLC running, I got this message: Unable to initialize audio: No available audio device.

I've heard something about Linux only being able to serve audio to one device at a time. I'll have to look into that. Does TextRoom play sounds? It doesn't need to, in my opinion. Maybe I can disable that feature.

More later, when I come back and bang on this relationship a bit more. Sit down, VLC! TextRoom, put down that bat! Both of you go to your rooms this instant!


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