Xubuntu Command Line Install (CLI)

Posted on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 | | In , , ,

I gave this a brief go tonight on the VirtualBox. I'm not sure I know exactly what I'm doing, but it's in a VB so I'm not inclined to be especially worried about it. Being the impatient type I decided to try installing the regular Xubuntu on Parnaparnti. He powered through up until 50% of the system was installed, then popped up a 'your CD/CD drive is messed up/dirty or your computer is too hot' error. I thought it would reboot or give some other sort of, 'sorry, not gonna work' indication, but instead it logged in (not with the credentials I had defined in the install). After waiting five minutes for it to load the desktop, I rebooted. I'm fairly certain it was trying to load the LiveCD environment, and that's very much not going to work with Parna. Such a brave boy, though, my Parna. :)

Alternate CD is burning on BotanyBay right now.

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