Kubuntu Active and the Vivaldi Tablet

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I've been following some of the news on the new Vivaldi (formerly Spark) tablet, and I want one.  The Vivaldi 7" tablet is priced at about $US265 (€200). The first wave of preorders is closed, but I've put my name on the list to be notified when they're available in my area.  I'm gonna start tucking some money away for it, too.

In the meantime, I've looked at the videos of Plasma Active in action, and I think it looks very nice.  Though I don't have a touchscreen on my laptop, I'm installing Kubuntu Active in a virtual machine to play with it a little bit.

This is a document being written on Kubuntu-Active 12.04 in a virtual environment. I'm having some difficulty with the interface -- it took me about twenty minutes to figure out how to get Words to run. The spreadsheet program is in the preset default app list, but searching for Words came up empty several times before deciding, oh yes, there is a program called Words that you can run: here! As I'm running Active on a laptop, having the on-screen keyboard pop up is kind of annoying, but that's just because I have a real keyboard here. On the Vivaldi itself I'd need it.

Sliding out the left-hand panel and clicking on the How to Use Plasma Active results in my browser being opened to a 404 page. The help link subsequently disappears from the suggestions.

Adding apps to the activity desktop shows only the generic gear icon, not the customised app icon.  The application name is displayed beneath the icon, but why not have the app's own icon display?  I could get rid of the text beneath the icon entirely and neaten up my desktop a bit.  I tried to post the screenshot I took, but Blogger and/or Kubuntu Active seem to have decided I'm not allowed to upload screenshots today. :/

VirtualBox makes it more difficult to grab the top bar and drag it down, resulting in me saying, "C'mere.  No, come here!" a lot.  Hoping the actual tablet is less fussy.

More to come later.

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