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I was in the middle of a pleasant session of Dwarf Fortress on the laptop when Kubuntu suddenly logged me out.  This the first time this has happened to me, but the internet seems to think it's common with Kubuntu 11.04.  I wasn't doing anything odd - setting up a new stockpile in the hopes that my dwarves would perhaps actually encrust some of the new nifty-neato gold furniture I've been having them make for the Grand High Poobah dining room deep down in the fort.  The key combos were nothing I haven't done a million times.  Yes, I've been sitting here playing for ... about two hours ... but that's actually a fairly short time in comparison to other sessions.  Ahem.

It's just as well for the moment, as it's getting on to bed time for me anyhow.  Maybe Kubuntu just wanted me to get to bed on time tonight.  Maybe X is a poopy piece of software (I've had issues with the laptop lid opening returning the system to active state from a sleeping state, requiring me to kill Xorg from TTY).  But I only lost about half a season, I think.  Thank Armok for seasonal autosaves.

Maybe it's time to do that cdrom upgrade to Oneiric now...

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